Super Hero Party Recap

My little Gabriel turned two a few weeks ago, so we celebrated with a super hero-themed birthday party. My husband likes to say that our kids’ birthday parties are more about me than the kids, but what can I say–I really enjoy planning birthday parties for the kids. There are so many fun ideas out there. Luckily we’re not super rich (yet!) because the parties would probably really be over the top. Nevertheless, here’s a little recap of the festivities.

First off, the invitations. I snatched these up on Etsy. If you haven’t checked out this website yet, it’s a fantastic place to find handmade or vintage items…invitations, sweaters, jewelry, toys, headbands, and just about anything else you can think of. I also like to go on there and “monitor shop” (kind of like window shopping but from the comfort of your own home) for ideas.

super hero party invitation

Next up, the party favors. I really wanted to give each kid a personalized super hero cape but the budget didn’t allow for it and I have no sewing skills. Instead, I found different super hero-y things like glow sticks, punching balloons, candy rings and noise putty. I was jumping for joy when I found some super hero-looking favor bags at Wal-Mart (and they were pretty cheap too!).



I also made some super hero masks which ended up being really cheap to make but way more labor-intensive than I expected. I was still making them as we were driving over to the party. Silly me, I cut the elastic bands too short so most of the kids had popped their bands before the party ended.



I also found a template for these very cool (if I must say so myself) super hero lollipops. The hardest party was trying to figure out how to display them. I ended up wrapping the top of a copy paper box and sticking the pops in it.



There was even a backdrop for pictures. Unfortunately, I never got around to explaining to everyone what it was for, so I don’t think it got used much. My nephew and son, however, needed no explanation about what to do. Check out these super heroes in action. I luv it! I’m sad to say that we accidentally left the backdrop at the party place. Not sure what I would’ve reused it for but it seemed too cute to end up in the trash.


And of course, you can’t have a super hero birthday party without a super hero cake. If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Texas Star Bakery makes some of the yummiest cakes. This one was half vanilla/half strawberry swirl. The strawberry swirl was the bomb!!


I think all the parents at the party were coveting the foam pit, trampolines and jungle gym for our homes. How cool would it be to be able to throw all the little super heroes-in-training in a room with all this stuff??




Here’s the birthday boy opening his birthday gifts. And boy, did he get some awesome gifts! It’s so nice being a kid.


Now that I showed you the party, you know how you start with a grandiose vision of how you want to do something, but then life happens so you have to scale back a bit? Well, that’s what happened with this shindig. I, as always, procrastinated until the week of the party to do everything, so I didn’t get to do everything I wanted. Even still, the party turned out just fine; and most importantly, the kids had a blast.

I’m working on putting together a party planning checklist, so be on the lookout for that soon. Hopefully, it’ll help with my procrastination tendencies. (A girl’s gotta dream, right?) The next birthday is in February, so I’ll have to start scoping out some good ideas pretty soon.


  1. Those kids are so cute! I guess your superhero party was a success judging on how much into it they were :)
    Superhero Party recently posted..Scoring Big with Sports Themed Cupcakes!My Profile

  2. Alexa says:

    How did you make the photo backdrop??

    • The Well-Rounded Home says:

      It’s pretty easy. I just sent you an email with the details.

  3. Stephane C says:

    The party was perfect…as usual. The favors were amazing. Good times with good friends!

  4. Andrea says:

    Kacey, the party looked soooo fun! I hate that Alexander and Adriana missed it because they were with Grandparents in Austin during my surgery.

    When I finally throw my kids their own birthday party, I’m hiring you and Erika to be my party planners. This was so creative, cool, fun and affordable!

    You are Super Mommy. Up, Up, and Away

  5. Karen says:

    Very cool party! The kids had a blast! –Grannie


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