Sometimes My Own Dreams (Like This New Blog) Scare Me

Awhile back, I talked God-sized dreams–those ideas you have stewing in your head that are too big for you to accomplish on your own. The ones that require you to step outside of your comfort zone, put yourself out there and walk in your purpose. I have a few of those that I’ve been sitting on for a while. For instance, around the middle of last year, I started thinking about launching a new blog for mamas.

The only thing is the closer I got to launching said dream, the more it began to scare me. What if it’s a flop? Or, what if it’s not and they do come? Will I be able to fulfill the expectations of people visiting the site? 

Then, there’s the fact that I’d be writing more about motherhood. What if someone sees my kids (or me, for that matter) out in public having a meltdown, will they think everything I’ve written is a fraud? Will I alienate those loyal readers who aren’t moms?

And when those thoughts weren’t hanging around, the perfectionism thing made its way in. The font color is all wrong. Maybe the site need more tweaking. I should start with more content…or less. Or maybe this is all just a bad idea. Who do you think you are, after all?

Fortunately for me, that line I picked up from Jon Acuff at the recent Blissdom Conference is also running around my head–Punch Fear in the Face.


As I dragged myself out of the house yesterday for a 30-minute run (which, that in and of itself is an accomplishment considering I was supposed to start training for a marathon two months ago), I decided no more. I was going to hit publish even realizing the site isn’t perfect. The design isn’t just how I want it to be. I could’ve added more.

I’m launching anyway because in the end, I may be the only one who cares about these things. My dream for the new site is to help raise up an army of moms who are so intentional and purposeful in their role as mamas that serious change will start to happen in their lives and their family’s lives. That’s what really matters, and the sooner I can get going on that, the better.

So, here’s to punching fear in the face, pursuing God-sized dreams and just doing it. You can click the image below to check out my new digs.

Next Level Mama blog -

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By the way, I’ve so enjoyed spending my first year and a half of blogging with you all! I can’t tell you how much your comments, visits and emails have meant to me. Y’all are the best! Hope to keep seeing you around.